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FXVC- Forex broker review

FXVC has had quite a rollercoaster ride since first being established back in 2014. A lot of innovations have been introduced since then – from better spreads to a wider range of tradable assets. FXVC is one of those platforms that aims to contribute to a more fun, as well as safer trading environment for all. The question is – is it succeeding on that mission?

In this article we will dig deep in hopes to giving you a full FXVC feedback – from what the brand represents and its reliability, to the spread of assets it offers and special advantages that make it pop on the market. Read along if you want to find out!



From the very start, FXVC has aimed to treat and acknowledge each individual trader with utmost respect. No matter how crazy you think your trading dreams are, nothing is over the top for FXVC. By constantly improving and applying new strategies in trading, this platform tries to keep in touch with their clients and listen to their feedback, in order to improve their business even more and become more attractive to a wider range of users.


One of FXVC’s main goals is transparency – everything they do in order to improve your trading adventure is available for your consideration and analysis. This platform is regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission, CySEC for short, which is one of the most reputable regulatory bodies out there. This body is created with a clear vision of making the trading world as safe and as transparent as possible. They are constantly creating and improving their policies while making sure all the brands they are regulating are following in their footsteps. In addition, they provide annual reports about all of them, which you can find easily on their website.


CySEC also helps you improve your knowledge about this industry by holding regular seminars and lessons all around the globe. Everyone is welcome to join and learn new and exciting things about market and its regulations. CySEC makes it a priority to fight against terrorism and fraudulent activities, which is part of the reason why it is subjecting all their brands to such harsh regulations.


How is this beneficial for you to know? Well, CySEC helps you, as an individual trader, to feel more confident and powerful on your trading journey. When you are trading on a platform that is regulated by this body, you know that the platform would never allow any breaches or mistakes. Because if that would have happened, the trust would be lost, and traders would scatter to other platforms. Not to mention – huge fees and punishments would be imposed for the platform itself. This is why FXVC always keeps in check by regularly complying with CySEC requests and regulations.


Product Offering

As a brand, FXVC aims to be as inclusive as possible. That’s why, whether you are an avid stock trader or you are looking to dip your toes into some cryptocurrency trading, you will find something you like in no time.

FXVC has created its own proprietary trading platform, which is ensured with many safety firewalls and security systems. This is quite important when doing business online – any business, but especially the one that has a lot of money at stake. In the case of FXVC, the platform encrypts all of the information you are inputting, making it impossible to be traced or abused in anyway.


When you visit their platform, you can choose between 4 major asset groups:


  1. CFDs – contract for difference for short, this a new and exciting way to trade without unnecessary fees and commissions. When you choose a CFD, you are not owning any real asset – rather, you are speculating on the direction in which its value is gonna go. That way, a lot of the pressure is taken away from you, so you can focus on making the smartest trading decision
  2. currency pairs – the currency pair of the world are traded in one unique market called Forex (Foreign Exchange). This type of market is special for many things, one of them being that it is always open, except for holidays. This is the place where you are sure to keep updated and on top of your game, since it is one of the most liquid markets in the world
  3. stocks – of course, the stock exchange is one of the longest standing traditions, and FXVC acknowledges that. You can watch how the stocks of the biggest companies in the world are being traded in real time and act accordingly
  4. cryptocurrencies – who can forget about Bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies are taking over the world for the past couple of years, and getting in on the action is even easier with FXVC. This way you can track how they are performing on the world trading market, while assessing their individual goals and achievements.


Trade Execution

With the fast-paced world of trading, customers want everything done as efficiently as possible. This is one of FXVC’s main achievements. No matter which type of payment method you choose, the trade executions process is instant. In addition to low and stable spreads, FXVC aims to bring you as much safety as possible in trading.


Each trader can request their own broker to help with this process. That way, you can establish a long-lasting relationship of trust with your broker, who will be there to guide you through any hardships you might stumble upon along the way.


Trading Tools

Education is of outmost importance, and trading is no different. This is why FXVC is constantly improving their educational section with e-books, economic calendar, video tutorials and other learning materials.


As you progress through different account types that FXVC has to offer, you will be presented with a wider range of educational tools. From expert analysis to regular SMS and notification announcements, your trading journey is sure to become a lot more exciting and filled with new tips and tricks.


These trading tools are accommodated neatly through an extremely well-designed trading platform. Easy to use and adjust to, FXVC platform is transparent and simple to follow. With different types of charts and appealing colors, watching the market performance is easier than ever before.


Customer Support

FXVC customer support consists of a team of staff which are knowledgeable and efficient – everything you want customer support to be. You can reach them through many different channels including phone, e-mail and chat. You query will be addressed within 24 hours maximum. And if you find it easier to do your own research – you can redirect to FXVC FAQ page. This page is regularly updated with new answers for your convenience, so you can begin your trading journey as effortlessly as possible.



Finding the trading platform of your dreams is a challenge unlike any other. Many ups and downs along the way could make you feel discouraged, which is why we created this FXVC feedback in hopes to make your job a little easier. With a user-friendly platform and reliable regulatory body, FXVC strives to be at the top of the trading game. This is not easy since there are many platforms trying to do the same. However, these are some of the most distinctive features which make FXVC stand out much more easily.



Are you ready to start your own brokerage?

Have you considered running your own brokerage? You should. The forex trading industry is a huge business. More than $5 trillion is traded each day in the Forex market. Thanks to its massive profit potential, this industry continues to draw an ever-growing number of investors. Profits and losses can be practically unlimited with proper risk management in place, so it obvious why so many brokerages are being opened to claim their share of the market.

Starting your Forex brokerage can be an exciting business opportunity. As with any other business, it makes sense to do some homework on how to become a Forex broker and then construct a Forex brokerage business plan. You need to be aware of key aspects, such as where you will be registering your brokerage and what trading instruments you will be offering.

The biggest decision you can make in the beginning is whether you want to open a brokerage from scratch or opt for a white label solution. To help you make your decision, we have compiled a comprehensive, step by step, a guide on how to start a forex brokerage firm.

How to open your own Forex company from the ground up

Apart from investing a lot of time and effort, opening a forex brokerage from scratch requires solid start-up capital. Complying with all the legal requirements, negotiating with banks, building an attractive website will take up a lot of time. On the other hand, there is a big benefit to doing thing this way. The entrepreneur keeps 100% of profit and has full control over your business. To make things easier to understand, we have highlighted 8 important steps to follow in order to open a forex company.

  1. Do your research!

First of all, you need to define your target regions. You should select a jurisdiction to register your brokerage based on the knowledge where your customers will be coming from. This is a huge decision, as the licensing requirement can vary greatly from one country to another. Often it is easier to start own forex brokerage in a place different from your origin. For example, many companies that serve traders from around the world are based in Cyprus for tax and legal purposes. This is why it is essential to Compare the legal requirements of several jurisdictions before making a decision.

  1. Formulate your business plan

Yes, creating a thorough business plan may sound daunting. Even if you feel it would be a waste of time, there is plenty of benefits to it. Creating a new financial company is a long journey and having a Forex brokerage business plan will definitely help to streamline this process. Your plan needs to consist of target market descriptions, start-up capital, marketing, and social strategy, projected profits and expenses, competitor research, etc.

  1. Gather start-up capital

Usually, capital requirements are set by the jurisdiction. You need to contact the financial regulator in your jurisdiction to learn what the minimum initial capital size is. In addition to this, it can be very costly to set up a forex brokerage. Always keep in mind that you will need sufficient funds to cover operating expenses during the first 6 months to a 1-year period at least.

  1. Choose your partners

Every brokerage needs a reliable payment services provider. There is no way around this. The only way to compete in the market is to have a stable payment processing system. It can be a good idea to negotiate with more than one system. This way, you will have an alternative option in case the primary payment processor’s software fails. You should always be able to provide different deposit and withdrawal options to your clients.

When it comes to leverage, you must negotiate a line of credit with a bank. As this process is often arduous due to the bank’s complicated verification and approval procedures, plan ahead and allow enough time for this process.

  1. Making yourself visible online

At this stage, you will want to create a website and decide what trading platform you want to use. You can go for the standard MT4 or have additional services, such as Android/IOS app, or even your own branded web trader. Building a high-quality website can eat up a lot of time, so plan ahead and tackle this step early on.

  1. Choose and equip your office

Your brokerage will need to host several different departments. At a minimum – IT-personnel, financial personnel, customer support team, marketing and sales teams, compliance officer. In the beginning stages, when there is low trading volume, some of the roles can be executed more efficiently. If an employee has proper qualifications, he can easily combine several roles. This will of course change as your business scales up. In today’s startup culture, virtual offices are becoming more and more common. However, you will most likely need to set up a physical office location.

  1. Pre-launch

Testing is the key to success. You will only have one shot at making a successful launch. So, be sure to allow enough time to test everything before your brokerage goes live. Professional testers should take their time and test everything several times including – the platform, payment processing systems, the terminal, the app, etc. This time can also be used efficiently to train your personnel, especially the customer service department.

  1. Going live

This is the most exciting part. This is where months of hard work will start to pay off. Don’t forget that your involvement doesn’t stop here. It is crucial to support your launch with a well-developed marketing campaign.


Using a White Label solution to become a Forex broker

For those who feel that starting your own brokerage from scratch is too complicated, there is a more elegant solution. Many large brokers offer Forex White Label solutions. This means that you will be in charge of running the “storefront”, while all technical trading operations are handled by the large brokerage. Forex While Label business has drastically lower set up and operating expenses. In addition, it doesn’t have to comply with capital requirements. For the majority of people starting their own business, this solution is much more acceptable than setting up a forex brokerage from scratch. In the following step-by-step guide, you can see in more detail how this approach differs from the previous one.

  1. Choose your partner

Even though there are many brokers that offer Forex White Label solutions, it is vital to choose a reliable partner to avoid customer disappointment. During the research, pay close attention to things like the safety of funds, quality of execution and flexibility.

  1. Research legal requirements

In most parts of the Western world, you are required to register and get licensed as a broker. However, there are many jurisdictions where incorporating a company is enough. For example, you can register your company in one country, but set up your offices in another country entirely.

  1. Formulate a business plan

This part is mostly the same as if you were starting a company from the ground up. Building a proper Forex brokerage business plan will help you keep focused and on track.

  1. Grow your brand

To make your brokerage look like a trustworthy business, you need to have a high-quality logo, branded materials, and professional content. Forex While Label business can function completely online as it doesn’t need nearly as many personnel. You need to decide whether investing in a physical office will be beneficial for your brand in the long-run.

  1. Offer additional services

As a new kid on the playground, you will need to offer some competitive advantages. Your customers should have an easy time working on your platform. You can offer them incentives like educational material, or trading copy software. Make your platform as user-friendly, and content-rich as possible.

  1. Pre-launch

Even though you will receive a ready-made trading platform, you should still devote some time to testing to check if everything works correctly.

  1. Going live

One everything is set up, you can start running your While Label business.



For those looking to start their own brokerage, Forex White Label can be a good starting idea. This option will drastically cut down on the legal and capital requirements as well as the set-up time. Significantly lower operational expenses will especially come in hand during the first few months while you are still expanding your customer base. As your business expands, and your trading volume starts to grow you can start thinking of becoming a Forex broker with full control over operation and profit. When you have already built up a name for yourself in this industry, it is much easier to secure additional financing.


Online trading in 2020 – Beginner’s step-by-step guide

Online trading represents all trading activity done on the internet. As a trader, you buy or sell financial assets on a trading platform that is offered by a brokerage or a bank. Whatever decision you make is transferred instantly via the trading platform to the broker and executed immediately. This is why an active internet connection is necessary (hence the name ONLINE trading).

Ever since the 1990s, online trading has been growing exponentially due to the availability and ever-increasing affordability of high-speed computers and internet connections:

  • Internet: Nearly 60% of the global population are active internet users as of January 2020, and the global online penetration rate is growing by the year
  • Computers: Moore’s law suggests that a computer’s processing power can double every two years. This performance has enabled investors to execute their trades from the comfort of their homes

Thanks to these two rising trends, there has been a massive growth of online trading worldwide. More and more people are now able to trade online, and it seems that the number of traders will keep on expanding given the fact that currently, there are over 1.7 billion mobile phone users who are excluded from the financial system. Online trading can offer many more benefits when compared to the traditional, pre-internet era of trading.

Advantages of Online Trading

Before the use of the internet, Investors had to handle all of their trading operations via mail, telephone or fax machines. Buying or selling decisions had to be made via the telephone with their broker. This was slow and inefficient as brokers needed to confirm all transaction details like – price, quantity, length of trade, type of trade, exit price and much more.

Not only has the ease of trading drastically improved, but the simplicity and quality of tools, instruments, and methods of analysis. In the pre-internet era, investors would need to construct charts of paper. Even as early computers became available, traders had to manually calculate many values on their own.

Nowadays online trading platforms allow a wide range of order types. All of them can be set up manually via the brokerage of your choice. This is hugely beneficial because it allows traders to prepare a precise trading plan with the exact buy, sell and exit-entry orders.

Another benefit is in no restrictions on how you can trade. Traders can select any trading strategy they prefer. When trading online, you can choose any of these styles:

  • Scalping – short term trading
  • Intra-day trading
  • Intra-week trading
  • Swing trading
  • Long-term trading

Many of these trading styles seemed intangible just a few decades ago when a call to the broker was still needed.


Tradable assets

Thanks to online trading, more financial instruments are accessible to traders than ever before. Now you can execute trades on:

  • Forex (Foreign Exchange) market -Trade currency pairs like the EUR/USD, USD/GBP, and USD/JPY
  • CFDs on Commodities – Trade CFDs on commodities like Gold, Crude Oil, and energy
  • CFDs on Indices – Trade CFDs on the DAX30, NASDAQ, and others
  • CFDs on Shares – Trade CFDs on the stocks, like Apple, Tesla, and McDonald’s
  • ETFs – Trade collection of securities like stocks, bonds, or options
  • Bond CFDs – Trade on the fluctuations in the value of corporate or government bonds
  • Cryptocurrency CFDs – Trade based on the price movements of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

As you can see, there are many assets you can trade and analyze. Forex market is one of the more popular choices for beginners. It consists of many currency pairs including the major ones (Forex Majors) – the EUR/USD currency pair, the GBP/USD currency pair, and the USD/JPY currency pair. Then there are Forex Minors – the EUR/JPY currency pair, the GBP/AUD currency pair, and the GBP/JPY currency pair.

Furthermore, there are also Exotic Pairs such as the EUR/NOK currency pair, the NZD/SGD currency pair, and the USD/HUF currency pair. Of course, there are many more pairs than just these, but new traders should limit themselves to just a few basic ones in the beginning.


How to choose an online trading platform

As there are many options to choose from, new traders should focus on selecting a trading platform that can offer a simple way to trade and access the financial market. In addition to executing trade orders, you will want your platform of choice to be able to do other tasks as well. Here is a list of desirable platform features:

  • Reliability and stability of the platform
  • Managing setups
  • Performing chart analysis
  • Using indicators
  • Changing or adding instruments for analysis
  • Monitoring the news
  • Keeping track of open and closed trades
  • Access to support and discussion forums and communities

As you can plainly see, it is not just about opening and closing trade orders. A good trading platform mush offers much more than that.

Another important thing to look out for is a thriving community. By making sure of this, you will gain not only valuable tutorials but also technical troubleshooting and support. In this sense, the more popular the platform is, the larger and more helpful the community will be.

Some trading platforms are based on open code and they offer strong independent development of expert advisors and plugins. All of this can be helpful to skillful traders who want to improve their trading strategy. Some are found for free within the communities, while others are developed by experts and sold at a price.

It is essential to review a platform before committing to it. You need to make sure it can offer what you need to make your trading experience as smooth as possible.

Two popular examples of online trading platforms that offer a rich set of features are MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These platforms are especially useful for Forex and CFD trading. These platforms have built a reputation for being very user-friendly.

How to Choose an Online Trading Broker

Research prior to committing to a specific broker should be a top priority. Making the right selection from the beginning can go a long way, and It can definitely improve a trader’s odds of being successful. With that in mind, there are a number of elements to consider:

  • Is the broker reputable and regulated?
  • Does the broker offer top-performing and easy to use the software?
  • Do they offer a wide range of tradable assets?
  • Do they offer support, education, and training?
  • What are the costs of trading?

What you need to open an account

Opening a brokerage account is an easy process that should take you no more than 10 minutes given that you have all your information at the ready. In addition to the basic information like your name and address, a brokerage will most commonly ask you for the following:

  • Bank account: You will need to add funds to your account and the easiest way to do it is to link it with your checking or savings account. Transferring money usually takes a day or two.
  • Social Security number: Your SSN is important for making sure your tax forms are in order.
  • Driver’s license or state ID: If the brokerage cannot confirm your identity, you may need to provide a picture of your driver’s license or state ID.

Forex Signals and how to use them

When you are on the market, trading away your favorite currencies, you may notice some systems and types of signals which could help decide on the next logical move. These are the Forex signals – and they are special types of indicators created especially to make your trading journey so much more enjoyable.


If you ever encountered other types of markets, such as the commodity market or an indices market, you will notice a whole other range of indicators. This article will focus solely on the Forex market – which is the most liquid market in the world. Forex never closes – it is open 24/7 except for the weekends and holidays and is always there for you to embrace your unique trading strategy.


These signals are based mainly on technical analysis. This is a type of study that researches price patterns mainly, but overall it focuses on all investment opportunities in hopes of finding the right one for you as an individual trader. A very special feature of Forex signals is that there are so many different kinds – there are free tutorials, the ones that require you to pay a fee or even the ones you develop for yourself over time.


These signals can execute your transactions either manually or automatically, whichever you prefer. If you choose the manual option, you will be able to decide on your own when to execute, and which trade, of course. However, this takes up a lot of time, patience and research, which can be quite tiring. This is where the automated Forex signals come in – they do all the heavy lifting for you! Depending on how you set them up, they will do all the research for you – watch the market performance as a whole, as well as analyze the currency pair of your choosing. Since the currency trading goes on in pairs (for example, USD/EUR), that’s twice the work than it would normally require for other types of assets.


Forex signals, therefore, assess these currencies as individuals as well as a pair, trying to determine some kind of pattern of performance. This takes many factors into consideration – from geopolitical activity to even health aspects of a certain country. This way, you can more easily assess and decide on your game plan.


With the automatic option of trading, you as a trader are “teaching” the software how to execute your own trades, based on an individual input of each indicator. How is this useful? Well, when you put something into an automated mode, you detract all of the emotions and are able to get a clearer image. In addition, you will be able to decide on your own what will your next trading step be, after you research the analysis this software will provide you through different Forex signals.


What is a signal, anyway? A Forex signal is a particular trigger of any kind, that can set an action on the market into motion. This action could be a drop or a surge of the value of a certain currency, or rather an exchange of buying and selling that currency for another one.


These signals can also be acquired by creating mathematical algorithms. And if you’re not an avid mathematician, don’t stress! This is where that software we mentioned comes in handy. These algorithms are even more useful if they are combined with other signals, such as the economic indicators of the analysis of the current geopolitical condition.


The trade signals can use a variety of different inputs. Some of them include components from the technical analysis, quantitative analysis or even the fundamental analysis. This is the beauty of trading – everything can come in handy at some point, and bring your trading adventure onto a whole new level that you never even imagined. The ultimate goal being for you to make the smartest possible trading decision.


These Forex signals are also quite important for improving your entire portfolio – they help you decide when is the best time to make a certain trade happen. For bond traders, for example, this is important for determining how long to hold onto a certain asset. In addition, they can also help you decide how and when to switch from different currency pairs and asset classes, creating a unique ability to engage with each part of the market.


Trading signals can be as simple or as complicated as you make them out to be. While using a few simple inputs can help save a lot of time, a more extensive analysis can bring you to see a clearer and bigger picture and help your trading journey in the long run. And though using much more indicators can take up more time than you originally planned, it can help you assess your trading situation better and save you a lot of profit.


There are several ways of creating your own unique trading signal. And while many traders choose the most common and simple ones to get buy, if you choose to invest some of your time into them, you could come out on the other side as a trading pro. Here are some of the examples:


  1. Technical patterns – these types of patterns are based on the mathematical equations and symbols, giving you a visual and clear picture of the currency pair performance on the market
  2. Moving average patterns – this is a more complex type of indicator. It assesses moving averages of different currencies, and you should watch how they interact with each other or where they meet
  3. Volume – this is a common indicator, so much that many traders take it for granted sometimes.  The volume of a certain asset shows you how much do traders turn to it and how often they invest in it, bringing you to a state of easier decision making
  4. Interest rate – the decision on interest rates is a pretty major one, and takes into consideration many different aspects of a political and economic landscape of a certain country. This decision is made by central banks, but you can assess them after they have been announced and create a trading signal of your own
  5. Volatility – this is quite an important signal that you may have found yourself using without a second thought. It is quite significant no matter which currency you’re trading. For example, the Japanese yen is considered to be the most stable currency, so its volatility is low. Still, with highly volatile assets you can have chances for a bigger profit, too.


These are just some of the many examples of Forex signals that can be found on the market. Who knows, maybe you can come up with a whole new one in your next trading day! In the meantime, you can join the variety of traders from all around the world that found these signals quite useful. When you’re trading in real-time, this can be even more challenging. However, you can easily find a unique way these signals can come in handy the next time you try to create your trading strategy. And with so many different Forex signals out there, it is only a matter of time when you find the perfect combination to suit your trading dreams.


Is FXVC.EU a scam?

When you hear the name FXVC, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For us, it was about time do dig deeper into the catchy name and see what this innovative broker is all about. The first thing that popped up during our research was the long-lasting tradition of the name itself. FXVC platform was established back in 2014, and since then they keep aiming at constantly improving while simultaneously keeping up with the tradition of what works.


It is only natural that a long-standing name like FXVC will take a few punches down the road. But what makes up for it is their awareness of the mistakes and obstacles, and a constant desire to keep up and keep working hard. And today, in the sea of online trading brokerages offering high and low their amazing spreads with no cost fees, the only remaining question is – is FXVC a scam?



This part is quite easy to find out, you just need to click on their “About Us” page and check the licensing information. When you do that, you will see that FXVC is registered in Cyprus, and regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission – CySEC for short. This a highly reputable government organization that imposes regulations and strict rules on the companies they affect and manage. FXVC is one of them, which means that this platform is forced to always keep up with the toughest rules and policies towards all their clients. Otherwise, harsh fees and punishments are set to be imposed, which can irreversibly damage one’s reputation. And once that happens, it is tough to come back from it.


That’s why FXVC continues to keep up with the CySEC’s tough regulations. This organization is open to any and all tips and leads on someone who may be breaking their strict rules, and you can report that anonymously through their Whistleblowing section on the webpage. FXVC makes its priority to work with law enforcement too, in case the need presents itself to prevent fraud or other illegal activities. When you look at it like this alone, it would be quite hard to uphold the “FXVC scam” image, right?


When you dig deeper into the online brokerage world, you can easily notice that there are many platforms that do not hold a regulation license of any kind. This is quite discouraging for the entire trading community, which is why it is important to support and encourage the hard and honest work that companies like FXVC do for the trading world.


Asking the question “Is FXVC a scam?” imposes a whole other conversation in the online brokerage area. For FXVC, continuing to ask this question is as important as ever, because new traders come along every day, with the need to be informed and prepared for obstacles. That’s why FXVC aims to constantly prove their trustworthiness and desire to do better for you, so you can do better for yourself. It is a productive cycle of learning new things and implementing modern regulations while keeping the tradition alive which was set long before these new brokerages came into the spotlight.


In general, the public response to FXVC is quite encouraging, which makes us conclude that customers are happy. And while this is true, it is the most important thing to remember.


Trading Platform

By visiting the FXVC trading platform, you will be met with the costumed blue, green and white background, suitable to the design of the logo. This helps FXVC to stand out from the crowd of flashy, over-the-top websites, which are often designed this way to keep you from finding out there is something seriously wrong lurking in the shadows.


With FXVC, however, it is all upfront and honest, which explains why they have so many years of experience and trustworthiness. The platform is neatly organized into 4 sections – stocks, forex, cryptos, and CFDs, which you can easily scroll through until you find the asset that suits your needs the most. And if you find yourself lost between all the numbers and information, you will find a convenient chart on the left which will illustrate what those numbers mean – and help you make your smartest trading decision.


One other thing that is quite appealing is the fact that everything is listed clearly and as simply as possible. This way, no matter if you have previous experience in the trading market or you are a newcomer, you will be able to find your way around and check out everything this reliable platform has in store for you.


Commissions and Spreads

When it comes to spreads, there are two sides to every story. On one hand, changeable spreads according to the market performance can bring you a sufficient amount of excitement with a chance of danger, bringing you closer to a higher reward. The same goes for irreparable doom – with higher risks, there are bigger chances for a significant loss


FXVC recognizes this, which is why they offer fixed spreads for their clients. This way, they ensure the maximum of stability and predictability, which can come in handy in the hectic world of market trading.


Another great thing that stands out is commissions, which are quite favorable to an independent broker. Compared to other brokerage websites, FXVC offers a lot of advantages including lower fees for their valued clients. As you progress through the different account packages, you will encounter that these fees go even lower to non-existent for the most eligible and trusting traders, which have a long-standing tradition of keeping their streaks with FXVC.


Deposits and Withdrawals

One particular thing that pops up right away when you are searching for a perfect brokerage is the ability to process your deposit and withdrawal requests. With FXVC this option is perfect to the smallest detail, which adds to their reliability. With such a huge brokerage come big amounts of money. The fact that FXVC is able to process them almost instantly is quite reassuring and a big advantage in the trading world.


In addition, there are different types of channels that you can use to deposit or withdraw your money, including credit cards and bank wire transfers. The minimum deposit amount stands at $500 which is standard for such a highly reputable platform, while you can withdraw your money from the account from as low as $20.


Bonus and Promotions

While FXVC does not offer bonuses and promotions in a traditional way, you can find many alluring offers within the account types choices. For example, bronze is the basic type of an account that you can acquire, and it brings you access to a few hundred of FXVC tradeable assets, as well as educational tools to guide you through it all.


As you progress to the more advanced account types such as silver, gold, and platinum, you will be able to take advantage of more perks offered exclusively by the FXVC platform. These include announcements, e-mail and SMS notifications and market reviews which aim to keep you updated with all the latest economic and geopolitical news and updates.


And finally, as you reach the highest levels of appeal and excitement, you will be met with the most advanced account type of them all – the VIP program. With this one, the abilities are practically endless. You will have access to all the educational tools the FXVC has to offer, as well as create a long-lasting and reliable relationship with your own broker to guide you through your trading journey. Regular announcements are a given and you can receive them in your inbox on any device, but what stands out particularly are some discounts on additional fees and commissions. So, in a way, FXVC aims to compensate for their lack of promotions and bonuses by using other channels and applying discounts, for your convenience.


Customer Support

Creating a satisfying relationship with the customers is imperative for a successful trading platform. FXVC understands that, which is why they strive to improve their customer support team as time passes. Their staff is quite friendly and knowledgeable while easy to reach via e-mail, telephone or a live chat.


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Is Forex Trading Gambling?

Forex trading does not rely on luck. Serious investors research market conditions before placing orders to become more successful. Investors are always looking for the best opportunities, and one of today’s biggest online trading forums is the foreign exchange, or forex market. Several trillion dollars’ worth of transactions are completed every day in over-the-counter trades, and it is the most liquid investment vehicle which individual investors can access.

With all of these benefits, many people are concerned that there is a hidden catch and wonder whether forex trading is really just gambling. However, unlike investment vehicles like binary options, there is an established correlation between market news and currency prices. Therefore, those who are willing to do the research necessary to find the right assets and the best times to trade will soon see that this financial activity is not merely a matter of luck.

FX trading involves buying and selling a pair of currencies at the same time. Traders want to buy the currency whose price they feel will go up and sell the currency whose price they feel will go down. Your profit is measured by how much the currency that you felt would perform better increased in value. If your selected currency depreciated, then you lose money.

Because of the large number of currency pairs that are available, it is easy to find an option that represents your preferred level of risk based your knowledge of the market. The most popular currencies are the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, the British pound, the euro, the New Zealand dollar, the Swiss Franc, and the Japanese Yen. Most actively traded currency pairs are based on at least one of these currencies, with almost 85% of the transactions involving the U.S. dollar.

Because each of the most popular Forex currencies are associated with a different region, it is not hard to look for news related to the underlying region and then project whether this will cause the country’s economy and monetary units to go up in value. This is one reason why traders tend to rely on reports released by governments related to unemployment, GDP, and consumer confidence, in order to determine the strength of the USD, CAD, JPY, etc., prior to placing a trade. This type of research is called fundamentals analysis.

After several years, investors realized that the markets were often cyclical, with periods of highs and lows that could be determined by carefully examining previous trends. By looking for patterns in charts and then finding how those configurations related to price movements, traders eventually created indicators that can flag potential shifts. This trading is referred to as technical analysis, and often relies on things like candlesticks, bar graphs, and oscillators, which tell when is a good time to buy or sell a specific pair.

Learning how to use both fundamental and technical analysis can greatly improve your success rate. Most traders profit the most when they stick with a relatively small number of Forex pairs, and keep up to date on building a diverse portfolio. Now is a great time to explore the investment opportunities offered by a respected platform such as that provided by our Platform. For more information on pairs trading, make sure to visit our webpage.



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